Self Spring Cleaning

Spring is upon us, and while it’s great to get your house all cleaned up after the fall and winter, what about SELF spring cleaning!? Getting yourself ready for the upcoming spring and summer seasons!

I am not crazy, it is so important to spend some time on YOU and get ready to transition into the new seasons after winter!

Here are some ways to do a little self spring cleaning!

Purge Your Clothes

Time to make room for your spring and summer wardrobes in your closet and dressers! If you find that you have clothes that you haven’t worn very much over the winter months, think about purging them completely rather than packing them away for next year. So if you haven’t worn something or if you have clothes that don’t make you feel your absolute best – ditch ‘em!

That could mean donating to a local charity that accepts clothings, posting for sale or contributing to a clothing swap. Whichever you choose, having clothes in your possession that you don’t love, doesn’t add to the good vibes that you want to surround you!

Refresh Your Closet

Once you have gone through and purged your fall and winter clothes, it’s time to restock your closet with spring and summer clothes. So if you have them in storage, pull them out, give them a wash so their fresh and add them into your closet.

Maybe you need to pick a few new items up to add to your wardrobe. This is also a good time to try things on to be sure that they still work for you!

Stock Up on Beauty Products

With the warmer temps comes showing off more skin! So be sure that you are prepared with making sure your beauty products are up to date!

This may look like:

  • purchasing new razors
  • new lotions
  • checking sunscreen expirations and replacing
  • going through your make up and throwing out old products and replenishing them

Clean Out the Kitchen

Did you buy some products in the winter that you didn’t use? Good to check expiry dates in the cupboards and clean out the fridge to be sure that everything in there is fresh and ready to embark on a new season of foods. There are so many fresh fruits and veggies that will be coming into season, make room for them!

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Sandals will soon be all the rage and exposing those toes! Splurge on a good pedicure to make sure that your tootsies are in tip top shape!

What are some other things that you do to get yourself ready for spring and summer?

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