Lotion is About More Than Just Your Skin!

We’ve talked over the past couple of weeks about staying hydrated – easy tips to drink more water as well as how your body is dehydrating while you sleep. So while water keeps your body hydrated, do you find that your skin is still dry?

Putting on lotion may seem to be the practical answer, but there are more reasons to take the time to lotion up than the obvious!

Self Love

We’re all busy, right? So by taking time once or twice per day to apply lotion to our bodies, it is slowing us down and showing ourselves some much needed self love. Bet you never thought of it like that, did you?

So as you are adding moisture back into your skin, you are also showing your body how much you care for it and taking time to just do something for you!

Massage Makes Us Feel Good

Massaging our bodies, even doing it ourselves, relieves tension. So take your time, and lovingly apply your creams and lotions and come away feeling better.

Makes Scents πŸ˜‰

There is a plethora of different scents on the market when it comes to creams and lotions. Choose one you LOVE and you may find yourself wanting to take the time to apply it daily.

Another option is to get a few different scents – one to relieve stress, one with lavender maybe to help bring on sleep, a tropical scent that can take you away from the cold, snowy winters, etc. Not to mention you’ll smell great, while keeping your skin moisturized.

Do I have you thinking now about your skin routine? Choosing and applying moisturizers and lotions is definitely more than just about dry skin, don’t you agree?

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