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Fresh Take on Pizza!

I hope you all are having a fabulous week!
This week we have guest blogger, Jasmine John aka fitfedandhealthy!

Thank you again for your interest and sharing my page with others who are passionate about learning more about health and fitness thru a plant-based diet!
As a flexible dieter, I’m always experimenting with ways I can reconfigure my favorite foods into workable meals that suit my nutritional needs as well as my fitness goals. This is also one of the things that has allowed me to stay committed to a vegan diet; I eat what I like so long as I can hit all my macro-nutrient goals for the day, get all the vitamins and fiber my body needs and avoid consuming animal products. This has forced me to really get creative in my kitchen, but it also has given me something to look forward to. I can always find a way to still enjoy the foods I’ve always loved in a much more balanced and healthier way and because of that, there is nothing I miss from my omnivorous past life.
Pizza has long been one of my ALL time favorites and I found the perfect solution to what used to be a very heavy, glutenous meal in my tortilla pizzas. These are quick and easy to make with endless possibilities as to what flavors you can create and the toppings you choose! 
I’ve made them with an Indian flair before using hummus instead of vegan cheese, Mexican pizza that was something like nachos by the slice, and more traditional versions using meatless substitutes like Soyrizo or Beyond Meat’s beefy crumble. 
However, they all begin and end the same; with a tortilla – I prefer gluten-free ones. Lightly toast the tortilla(s) on a baking sheet in your broiler or toaster oven. Then top at will and place back into the oven for just a couple minutes to warm thru, or get all nice and melted if you’re using a dairy-free cheese replacement such as Daiya or Follow Your Heart. 

2016-02-21 19.46.46

I use a variety of ready-made sauces just depending on what I’m going for – BBQ, teriyaki, pesto, whatever.

Sometimes I like to change things up and use hummus instead of cheese which still lends to the texture and helps all your toppings adhere. Which can be any combo of veggies, beans if you avoid faux meats, or fun stuff like eggplant bacon.

2016-02-21 19.46.31a

If you want to add fresh greens, do so at the end after the pizza is done crisping in the oven. These are great for lunch, movie nights, or when you just really want to indulge without blowing your diet.  They are ready to eat before the delivery man can get to your doorstep! 

Thanks again!

Let us know what you think in the comments below! You can follow Jasmine on Instagram @fitfedandhealthy

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