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5 Herbs to Start Growing in the Spring

Spring is just around the corner! To me, Spring makes me think of new growth! Grass getting greener, flowers starting to bloom and getting back into gardening and using fresh ingredients in our meals!

One way to incorporate gardening, blooming and fresh ingredients is by starting to grow your own herbs! Herbs are one of the few plants that don’t take up a lot of space to grow and can be so impactful in your meals! While dried herbs are great and still do the trick, there is nothing quite like having fresh ones that you can pick from daily!

Here are 5 herb staples that you can start growing today easily!


Basil is one of the most popular kitchen herbs around the world! Known to be a part of many recipes, it is great to serve as a main ingredient with tomatoes and cheeses too. So easy to maintain and transplantable if you would like in the summer! Basil tops my list!


Chives are similar in taste to garlic and onion. I don’t think that there is an easier herb to grow than chives, and it has a pretty purple flower that sprouts too! Add chives to potatoes dishes, in salads and even to top your popcorn! So versatile!


Not only is cilantro great to serve with meats, in salsas and as a garnish for soups; cilantro is an herb that aids with digestion and relieves inflammation that may cause gastric problems.

While cilantro isn’t as easy as some herbs to grow, it it worth it!


While oregano is a main staple in many Greek dishes, did you know that it also has medicinal properties making it so good for you?

Oil from oregano leaves have been used for respiratory illnesses and colds, digestive upset, and muscle aches to name a few.  Another bonus to having oregano around: it’s a natural insect repellant. So it is a good thing to have in your gardens if you live rurally!


Parsley, probably the best known herb right? Parsley can be used to help bad breath and amp up your immune system, as well as compliment soups, salads and makes a great garnish for practically any dish! So versatile and something that is a must in your herb garden!

There are so many other herbs that I could have mentioned, like mint, rosemary, sage…the list goes on! Start off by trying out some of the herbs that you use a lot dried, and attempt to grow fresh ones to use instead!

There are great planters that you can buy to keep indoors always, or move outside when it’s warmer; or start a little greenhouse now and transplant outside when the weather is warm. If you’re new to gardening, herbs are a great place to start!

Have you grown herbs before? What tips or tricks would you have for someone starting out?

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