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10 Tips for Boosting your Energy

As the days get shorter and colder as we enter Fall, even the best of us can feel like we’re losing that pep in our step. Here are some simple ways to beat that middle-of-the-day fog and regain lost…


Does Epsom Salt Work?

You’ve likely seen bags and containers galore in stores and boutiques, have had someone tell you that to soak in a bath with epsom salt when your body is feeling sore or achy. But do they actually work? The…


Self Spring Cleaning

Spring is upon us, and while it’s great to get your house all cleaned up after the fall and winter, what about SELF spring cleaning!? Getting yourself ready for the upcoming spring and summer seasons! I am not crazy,…


Recipe: Next Level Vegan Enchiladas

When I first went plant based and gluten free, I searched the internet far and wide for the best blog that had flavorful recipes that your friends and family would talk for days about. I stumbled across Angela Liddon’s…

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5 Herbs to Start Growing in the Spring

Spring is just around the corner! To me, Spring makes me think of new growth! Grass getting greener, flowers starting to bloom and getting back into gardening and using fresh ingredients in our meals! One way to incorporate gardening,…


Lotion is About More Than Just Your Skin!

We’ve talked over the past couple of weeks about staying hydrated – easy tips to drink more water as well as how your body is dehydrating while you sleep. So while water keeps your body hydrated, do you find…


Fresh Take on Pizza!

I hope you all are having a fabulous week!   This week we have guest blogger, Jasmine John aka fitfedandhealthy! Thank you again for your interest and sharing my page with others who are passionate about learning more about…